Monday, January 10, 2011

NHL All-Star Wide Open

The 96rock In-House Band will be playing at the NHL All-Star Wide Open street festival along with some of our younger students! They will be playing on the Martin and Fayetteville Street stage at 12:45pm on January 29th. For more information on NHL All-Star Wide Open click here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Salt and Demetri 10/20

Ok so sometimes I forget to post updates at a prompt time due to it just slipping my mind. By the time I get home from teaching I just want to chill. Thanks to iPhone tethering I can now use internet on my laptop at work and post updates immediately...sorta. Woo!!!


So today's lesson started off with a fantastic lunch from TJ's of Angier. Fantastic burgers, awesome fries, awesome everything. I think we all deserve some free food for that little spot there. Maybe? Possibly? Enough about lunch and delicious burgers though. The band is currently working on Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. Salt and D have been working hard on getting the various parts to this song down. I am proud to say that today we made it through our arrangement of it from start to finish! We are seeing a lot of improvement week to week from these guys. We will get some new video up soon so you can go back and watch them at the beginning and then watch them at their current point. Tomorrow Alli and Adam come in for their lessons so there will be an update on them soon afterwards.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Foster's First Visit

Here is a video from Foster's first visit to the studio.

The First In House Band Jam Session

Alli wasn't able to make it so we had a couple of our students fill in on bass. So here they are, videos from the first 96rock In-House Band jam session.

First up is a video of Can't You See. We have Salt and D on guitar, Adam-12 on drums, Foster on vocals, and Camden Irvine on bass.

Next up is Sweet Home Alabama. Same line up except we have Elizabeth Ellington on bass.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little solo from Adam-12

Adam just messing around a little bit.

Alli's Second Lesson

So basically we changed the arrangement of Can't You See by the Marshall Tucker Band and showed it to Alli and Adam, after showing them a DIFFERENT arrangement the previous week. They had no problem with it.

Salt, D, and Adam-12 Together

A discussion was stirred up about barre chords. Apparently someone had suggested that Demetri use those instead. Here's part of the discussion.

Here is a video of the three of them jamming.